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SMART Advisor

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The enormous burden of poor working conditions


Worldwide, there are around 340 millions occupational accidents and 160 millions victims of work-related illnesses annually.  

(International Labour Organization. World Statistic, 2020) 

The economic burden for all fatal and non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses at a loss of 3.9% of all work-years globally, equivalent to a cost of approximately € 2680 billion (or US $ 2966 billion) for countries. This is roughly equivalent to 4% of the global Gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide. 

(Jonas Steel et al. Occupational Health: The Global Evidence and Value. Society of Occupational Medicine, 2018)כעח


how to make a choice

What solution choose?

Due to extremely development of technologies and production processes, more and more new materials, tools and production methods are constantly being a part of the global market, which is accompanied by the likelihood of occupational risks, leading to possible financial costs for enterprises and health care. 

In this area, the choice of protective equipment is critical in preventing health hazards, injuries and occupational diseases.

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IPJ Company develops a SMART Advisor for occupational risk assessment that helps to choose the best available protection levels against harmful occupational hazards for the B2B & B2C sectors using a web service.

The main value of the SMART Advisor is an informational database that helps while using AI to choose the best protection levels against harmful occupational hazards for the B2B & B2C sector using a web service.


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Ilya Polyakov

CEO, Founder

During my 6 years of work as an occupational hygienist in Israel, I constantly came across the fact that occupational safety engineers asked me what specific protective equipment should be used to reduce the risks of developing occupational diseases.

Aleksey Buligin

CCO, Co-Founder

B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA

Therefore, We decided to develop a SaaS service that combines the identification of harmful factors, the calculation of occupational risks and the selection of specific protective equipment